Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke

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Meteorite Informatics is a multi-skilled software service provider with a highly competent workforce. With years of honed expertise in cross-platform skills and quality-integrated methodologies,we adopt a competent global delivery model in providing value-based solutions as well as professional services to clients worldwide. Our strongest advantage is the excellent pool of skilled resources, recruited from the finest clan of professionals in the industry.

Enabling us to provide a vibrant combination of strategic IT consultancy services and technology skills. We deliver a full range of Application development, Testing, Enterprise solutions, Business process consulting, Systems integration and Professional services as well as pre-defined solution frameworks. Meteorite has developed expertise at managing the highly complex, long-term engagements that clients require.

Our Products

User experience design

Our UX team has industry experience in solving user problems backed up by factual research.

Application Management

Meteorite uses a proven methodology to consistently produce application development solutions for our clients.


The SAP Practice at Meteorite has dedicated consultants globally and has successfully completed several SAP roll-outs.


Meteorite’s mobility team excels in providing innovative solutions for the mobile apps based on your requirements.

Technology consulting

Meteorite has an excellent track record of delivering innovative consulting practices that excel in client service.

Product development

Proven processes based on three years experience helping software providers and enterprise clients effectively outsource software services.


Meteorite has a precisely defined and exhaustive methodology for ensuring thorough and effective QA Testing of the products, applications and processes.

Digital marketing

Meteorite Informatics provides innovative digital marketing strategies that help client create, evaluate and run campaigns through social media on different platforms.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One, has been built from the ground up for small to medium sized businesses that have outgrown their accounting-only and are looking for a integrated solution to manage their entire business.

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Meteorite Informatics is an equal opportunities employer, selecting and developing its employees on the basis of both technical and interpersonal skills, business understanding, experience and professionalism.


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